== Approach ===== Is this just the Bible in Wiki format? ===No. The intent of this Wiki is to elaborate on difficult or interesting aspects of the Bible, not to repeat the Biblical text. As such, it is assumed that you have a Bible to refer to since not all of the text is repeated here. === Who can contribute? ===Anyone. If you belive in God and have some insights to offer, please do. If you don't believe in God but have some insights to offer, again, please do. All we ask is that you respect the beliefs of others and present your material in a non-confrontational way. === How should I present my material? ===The initial approach used by this Wiki was to summarize some portion of the Bible - whether it be a particular chapter (such as Genesis 2), a person (like Cain), or whatever. Interesting points should then be noted, followed by a Question and Answer section. This, of course, isn't to imply that the initial approach is the best approach. As this Wiki evolves we'll probably find a better way to handle the material.